About Elissa F. Merkl and Marianne Merkl

Marianne Merkl, (1947-2007), aged 57 years old at time of diagnosis, was already familiar with cancer as this was her second “episode”. She was one of the first support people for ChemoCare, now Cancer Hope Network, started when chemo was in its “infancy” (approx 1983). Through this group, she visited many patients undergoing chemo who wanted to see a “survivor”. She did PSA spots, radio shows and gave talks on the subject. Since she was in the travel industry, co-owning a travel agency with her sister, she even discussed how to travel while undergoing chemo or while in remission. She also volunteered at Cancer Cancer of NJ and worked for a time at the MS group in north Jersey. One can see her desire to help others.

Elissa F. Merkl is a professional artist listed in Marquis’ “Who’s Who in America”, Marquis’ “Who’s Who in American Art” and Marquis’ “Who’s Who in American Women”. She has exhibited nationally around the US and internationally in Korea, Spain, England, Venezuela, Japan and Bangladesh. In addition, she gives demonstrations and talks about her work throughout NJ; judges art shows; critiques teen art festivals; and, has served on the boards of several art organizations. She is also editor/publisher of “Cultural Events of New Jersey”, a monthly publication. She lives in Gillette, NJ with her Labrador Retrievers, Chicago and Kenzi.